Mea Culpa: The Train’s Worst Takes So Far…

This website has been around long enough for me to start owning my mistakes. So without further ado, I present some of my works takes thus far.

The Titanic of Bad Takes: The Rams will be so bad that Todd Gurley won’t be worth keeping in fantasy. 

Coming out of the gates hot with a shit take on the LA Rams and Todd Gurley. The worst part is that I have been a fan of Gurley since he stepped on the field at The University of Georgia. I drafted him out of college onto my keeper league. I watched him crush it his rookie year. The 2016 Rams were so bad they had nowhere to go but up. Gurley had nowhere to go but up. Why didn’t I see this? Why did I let my franchise keeper back into the draft pool? Panic set in and fear of going through another season of Todd Gurley getting 50 yards and no TDs every week paralyzed an otherwise sound (usually) mind.

In reality, He pretty much won everybody who drafted him their leagues to the point people donated their winnings in his honor.

Lauri Markkanen is too soft to be a good NBA player:

He looked soft as hell in college what can I say? The thing is, his game is more suited to the NBA regardless of his physicality. He grew into his body over the summer and my concerns about his toughness have waned. This week he jumped to the top of the CBS Sports NBA Rookie Ratings.

I’ll let my Blake Harris take speak for itself:

Blake Harris: I love our true freshman PG. This guy has a lot of potential, he might be the best passer on the team already. He’s small but doesn’t get intimidated. I expect this guy to ball at Mizzou for years to come.”

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 2.13.04 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-12 at 2.13.29 PM

Halfway through the fucking season (not even) and this guy is already out of Columbia. Nobody will ever accuse me of being Nostradamus.

There it is folks, I’m no Nick Wright, but I still have some bad takes. My top three speak for themselves… I’ll try and do better in 2018. A-Train Out.

Shout out to the Patron Saint of Bad Takes Skip Bayless.

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