Guy Does Some Outerworldly Guitar Hero Feat.

This is why Reddit is awesome. It leads me to these kinds of videos, holy shit! I don’t even play guitar hero but I know I just watched something special. Watch the people in the chat window start to lose their minds as he gets close to 100% completion. Unless he can see through the blindfold I don’t see how it can be a fake video. Even if he can see it’s so much about perfect timing that doing it blindfolded doesn’t seem that much harder if you have the keys memorized as you would have to. In ten years there is no way I could be that song with my full vision. Props to Randyladyman for pulling that off.

The perfect timing it must have taken him reminds me of a scene from one of the best action movies ever The Rock.

A-Train Out.

  1. Even as someone who has only played GH a few times this is damn impressive.



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