Meat Vending Machine. One Step Closer to Robots Running Everything.

At first, I thought “Hey Meat Vending Machine, I’m gonna blog about how sweet this is.” Yes, of course, a meat vending machine is pretty sweet no matter the location. You’re out and about, your tummy rumbles, you look up and see meat. It’s the American Dream. An inside of a Nordstrom’s is like a labyrinth to the dumb male brain, we could get lost and die if not properly supplied. One second you are trying on a pair of loafers the next minute you can’t find your way out and death by starvation is becoming a hauntingly plausible scenario. A meat vending machine would definitely provide a stay of execution in that scenario, but at what cost?

Ever heard of a slippery slope? That’s what this is. First meat is coming out of a vending machine, how long before they start using these machines to sell soda? How long before they have a machine that sells candy, or snacks, or god forbid both! This is probably way down the road but imagine a machine that sells hot coffee and not just one kind but multiple flavors. Think of all the baristas that will be out of work!

Seriously I’m all for these things, I need meat vended in my direction more than just about anything else. It’s diet friendly, high in protein, and delicious. Now if I could just find a machine that with dispense me a fully fixed Chicago Style Hot Dog in Seattle that’d be great.

A-Train Out.

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