Seahawks Fans Are Not Ready For Brian Schottenheimer.

The Seahawks have a passionate fan base, just ask Darrell Bevell. Bevell was finally run out of town after the Seahawks failed to make the postseason for the first time in the Russell Wilson era. It was a year too late for most Seattle fans, these people wanted his blood after Superbowl XLIX. Be careful what you wish for Seahawks fans…you might get SCHOTT!

The NFL is where nepotism reigns supreme. Enter Brian Schottenheimer aka B-Shot aka Schotty Schotty Bang Bang. Pete Carroll has finally lost it. He hired Brian Schottenheimer to be his OC. You thought Bevel was bad? This guy has zero creativity and zero imagination when it comes to play calling and play design. For years I watched this guy suck in New York and then St. Louis.

A bad NFL Coordinator is like cancer, you think you’ve cut it out of the league for good, but it just goes into remission. It lies in wait for a few years and then it’s back. Poor Russell Wilson he is not going to like this guy. I give Schotty one year max in Seattle before Pete realizes the gravity of his mistake.

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