I Injured My Back By Sneezing Just Like Sammy Sosa.

Back in 2004, Sammy Sosa caught a ton of heat for injuring his back by sneezing. Let me tell you that shit is as real as it gets. I sneezed the other day while standing in an awkward position and my back hasn’t been the same since. I can barely move three days later. I had to go to urgent care. All because of a stupid sneeze!

The floor of my condo looks disgusting due to my inability to bend over to pick anything up. Changing my pants and socks is a real struggle so I’ve pretty much been wearing the same sweats all week. Sammy Sosa wasn’t faking when he had to go on the disabled list. I feel like I am on life’s disabled list right now. I’m worthless, I can barely blog. (This is why so little posting this week guys, sorry. I’m in really bad shape) The urgent care facility wouldn’t even prescribe opiates (they no longer legally can unless I have a broken bone.) Every moment is coupled with pain, again because I sneezed, something I’ve done my whole life without hurting myself.

LPT: Don’t take any sneeze lightly and brace yourself for impact. A-Train Out.

One thought on “I Injured My Back By Sneezing Just Like Sammy Sosa.

  1. I ran across your post while searching for the Sammy Sosa injury. I know exactly what you mean because I’ve been sidelined by a sneeze a few times. Nowadays, when I’m standing and I know I’m about to sneeze, I always flex my knees. I’m wondering if that’s what you were implying when you talked about bracing for impact.


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