Did I Find PFT Commenter’s More Attractive Twin Brother?

And Twins!! Turnabout is fair play gentleman. Ladies can be into twins now too and I’ve got a treat for them. You thought one PFT commenter was good well how about twins?

While surfing IG I got hit with a sponsored ad that caught my attention. A male model was trying to be PFT commenter and my initial reaction was outrage. At first, I thought I might hunt this imposter down like the dog that he is, but then it occurred to me, what if they are related?


He’s even bad at growing facial hair like PFT! Do these two share DNA?



It’s a bad look to kill the brother of someone you admire so much. I’m currently trying to dig deeper into who this guy is, I have to know why a PFT clone is walking around New York City with the real McCoy in such close proximity. What if the real PFT is going to be replaced by this guy? What is he planning? So many questions. All I know is that Big Cat is no longer the only member of PMT with a dopplegänger.

What is the real PFT Commenter gonna think of this guy?

pft 1

The one thing we know for sure is that PFT commenter’s got the look if this podcast blog thing falls through my man has a career as a male supermodel. He might need to cut carbs and do a little soul-cycle but I think he’s halfway there. A-Train Out.


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