The Official Bracket of ATrainSports.

It’s March Madness time to fill out your bracket. Each year I seem to get worse and worse at filling these out. The brackets filled out in my late teens and early twenties were money. Lately, I have pretty much gotten kicked in the teeth every March. I’m going to try and turn it around in 2018 and I think I have a fantastic method. I am going to pick a 1,2,3 and 4 seed to make the final four. How could that possibly go wrong?

I am a big believer in filling out your bracket by hand. Gotta get that ink on your fingers if you want the basketball gods to smile on your bracket.


  • Mizzou losing in the first round is sadly not a reverse jinx. I think FSU is pretty good and I almost picked them to upset Xavier. I’m almost regretting that I didn’t.
  • The Midwest Region was a gift from the bracket gods, It’s against my religion to pick Duke or KU. I consider the tourney a success if it ends with Duke or KU not holding a championship. Bonus if they get bounced early, shoutout CJ McCollum and Lehigh. Sparty is a team I usually pick to do well and they usually don’t let me down. Lately, that narrative hasn’t held true but I am gonna give Izzo the benefit of the doubt this year.
  • Virginia was the best team all year and it hurt me to leave them out of the final four. I’m sure in another bracket I fill out I’ll have them winning it all. As it stands I say Arizona finds the key to the Cavs rollerskates and wins a close game.
  • My Villanova pick will get tested early as I think VaTech is pretty good. Then most likely they will see WSU/WVU either of which could give the Wildcats trouble.
  • UNC is good yet again and even though they have to go out West I still think they win that region but look out for Michigan and Gonzaga.
  • Admittedly I have not watched a ton of Xavier or Cincinnati this season but I find it a little hard to believe that the City of Cincinnati is home to two of the best 8 programs in college hoops.
  • USC, St. Mary’s got shafted highlighting the East Coast bias that put only 3 Pac-12 teams in the tourney, and two of them (ASU, UCLA) have to win their play-in games first. USC should have been in without question after finishing 2nd in Pac-12 in both the league and the tournament. Now that I’m looking even the teams that got in got a bit shafted. SDSU deserved higher than an 11, especially if you want me to believe that Texas and Oklahoma are 10 seeds.
  • Houston over SDSU might have been a huge error, I think if I were filling this out again I’d flip that pick.
  • Miami I put in the Elite 8 despite never watching them play. This again goes back to not believing in the Bearcats.
  • Don’t forget that Trump doesn’t fill out brackets because he’s a coward unfit to be President. Fill one out! Don’t be like him.

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