Friday Sports Dump: NCAA Hoops and NFL Free Agency.

Let’s start in the NFL where the Chicago Bears finally did the inevitable and cut Mike Glennon, news first reported here. No word yet on who is going to overpay Glennon in 2018, but if Sammy Sleeves contract is any indication then giraffe neck Glennon is going to be just fine. The Bears also cut a pair of Marcus’s letting go of Marcus Wheaton and super-clown Marcus Cooper.

This Marcus Cooper:

In Seattle, Richard Sherman said a few things on his way out the door. Seriously, this might be Sherman’s issue. Sherman bashed his college coach (Harbaugh) after he left Stanford. Now he has some choice observations about Pete Carroll’s coaching style saying it was more “built for college.”

Good Job by Pete winning a Super Bowl and appearing in two more as a head coach all while running a system “built for college.” Sucks to be Richard Sherman, poor guy has been in the NFL for years and he’s still never run a pro system!

My little birds inside the Seahawks told me that the real reason that Sherman, Bennett, and other members of a championship defense are being sent elsewhere is that there was a real division between the offensive and defensive units. Sherman and Bennett were the two most outspoken players in this regard. After intercepting Wilson in practice Richard Sherman was quoted as yelling “you fucking suck” to his pro bowl quarterback. Sherman was one of the few Seahawks with a longer tenure than Wilson, now he’s gone. It won’t be long before Wilson is the longest-tenured Seahawk on the team. He and Wagner are from the same draft and it appears as if those are who this new look Seahawks team will revolve around. Seattle is moving forward with Wilson as THE face of the Seahawks.

I think Sherman is a fine CB in the right system, but he wasn’t fast, to begin with, and if he loses a step his game is in trouble. It was smart to move on from him.

The Tourney: Day 1 Journal.

I was warned by Prone Bone Malone about Arizona AFTER brackets had been filled out.


I should have listened. Now we are one day in and I’ve already lost a final four team. Hooray! It was pretty sweet to watch not one but two former Mizzou players star on Buffalo and Gonzaga respectively. Wes Clark destroyed Arizona and sent the #4 seed packing. Johnathan Williams was the best player on the floor for Gonzaga yesterday scoring 19 pts and grabbing 13 boards, without his effort the Zags would surely have been upset by a feisty UNC Greensboro team.

If I had known the Vegas sharps had bet down the Miami-Loyola Chicago line to 1 point in a #6 vs #11 matchup, then I wouldn’t have had the Canes doing work in the Tourney. Let this be a lesson to all you bracketologists, check the point spreads before making your round one picks!

KU failed to be the first #1 seed to lose to a #16 seed but I remain convinced that if a #1 seed ever does lose to a #16 seed, the #1 seed is going to be The Kansas Jayhawks. Probably still coached by Bill Self.

SFA over Texas Tech was my money upset pick and it looked good for about 85% of the game.

Tennessee is going to be a team I vastly underrated. I had them losing to Miami, but with Miami getting upset, now they only have to beat an #11 seed to make the sweet 16. They have some grown ass men ballin’ out there, I now expect to see them in the elite 8, playing either Kentucky or Virginia.

That’s all for now folks…ATrain Out.

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