A-Train Nation Update.

What’s up, guys? A-Train here to apologize for lack of recent posting amidst the NCAA tourney. I am working on some new updates/upgrades to the website, including adding podcasts and video. I am a one-man operation over here and I have to teach myself how to do all the technical stuff. It takes time, and while I could crank out a quick blog, it just wouldn’t be very good.

A few quick thoughts on the Tourney as we are now down to 8 teams.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 9.44.41 AM

Loyola Chicago vs. Kansas State: I think Loyola has already beaten 3 teams that were better than KSU. I hope I didn’t just jinx Sister Jean but I think the Ramblers get into the Final 4.

Florida State vs. Michigan: I have no idea who wins this game but I think that Michigan is probably the best team FSU has played in the tourney. Still, this FSU squad is a grown man basketball team. I think it’s close and it will come down to how well Michigan shoots from the outside.

Villanova vs. Texas Tech: I picked Villanova to win this thing and I picked Texas Tech to go out in the first round. I’m staying with Nova because Jay Wright is my guy and they haven’t given me a reason to doubt them yet.

Kansas vs Duke: Fuck both of these teams. I hope Kansas wins for no other reason than I think Villanova matches up better with the Jayhawks, or maybe I’m just more scared of Duke. Still, I think Duke wins and Bill Self goes back to Lawrence a failure yet again.


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