Tom Fornelli Thinks Vince Young is the Biggest Bust QB of the BCS Era.

First, let me say that I like and respect Tom Fornelli. I listen to his college football podcast and he provides good insight. On March 23rd Tom came with a take so hot that I hesitate to even touch it. In his “Friday Five” he listed the five biggest busts of the BCS era at the quarterback position and sitting at number one was Vince Young.

It was not JaMarcus Russell, it was not Ryan Leaf, it was not Tim Couch. They all made the list. Somehow in Tom Fornelli’s mind, these guys all had better careers than Vince Young. Checking in at #5 on the list was Robert Griffen III, another name that seems not to belong. Sure RGIII was a bust but he had one really good season and led his team to the playoffs, then he got injured and was never the same again.

Vince Young went to two pro-bowls and was the offensive ROY. I’m not sure how with any credibility you could argue HE was the BIGGEST bust.

Vince Young being #1 and RGIII being #5 feels kinda racist does it not? I’m usually against making things about race but can we please look at some white guys who didn’t make the list?


Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 7.02.17 AM
“Handsome Tom” is how his peers refer to him.


I get that Tom Fornelli had criteria for his list. He excluded players currently in the league and players drafted outside of the top 5. Those are BULLSHIT criteria. You don’t have to be top 5 to be considered a bust that’s insane. You can definitely say current players are busts as well. I don’t know why you invent those criteria. Maybe to defend your shit list?

Joey Harrington drafted #3 overall. Drafted same spot as Vince Young, was given every opportunity, still sucked. Right now he’s playing the piano somewhere wondering how the hell he avoided this list. I’ll give you a hint it starts with “White” and ends with “Privilege.” Joey Harrington CLEARLY belongs on this list. Anyone who would take Harrington’s career over VY is smoking crack.

Blaine Gabbert drafted #10 overall. Bust City, Gabbert has never been good, he’s nothing more than a shitty backup who was never as good as VY.

Sam Bradford #1 overall. Do you see a Pro Bowl by Sam Bradford’s name, has he ever led a team to the playoffs? Was he ever actually a winner at a position where winning matters?

Butt Fumble Mark Sanchez?

I’m getting triggered just thinking about that list. I need to stop this blog so I can go lift away my anger in the Gym.

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