Josh Allen Crushed the Wonderlic, What Can’t This Guy Do?

Tall? Check. Rocket Arm? Check. Big Hands? Check. Took snaps under center in college? Check. Josh Allen has been checking off all the boxes and now he can check one more. The Genius Box. That’s right Josh Allen is a genius as far as I’m concerned after scoring a 37 on the Wonderlic test. Ok, he’s not a Ryan Fitzpatrick level genius. Fitzmagic scored a 48 out of 50 probably because he went to Harvard. He’s not even a Blaine Gabbert level genius (scored a 42 despite not graduating from Mizzou). He’s right in that sweet spot between Colin Kaepernick’s 38 and Sam Bradford’s 36. He has the same score as Stanford Graduate Andrew Luck (did I mention he went to Stanford?)

Look you score a 38 and all of a sudden you’re too woke, you start protesting the anthem and get yourself benched for a guy who scored a 42. If you score a 36 then you’re in danger of not being smart enough and you start doing weird things like wearing sleeves during an NFL game when it’s not even cold outside.


Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 8.10.10 AM
If you score too low you run the risk of irrational fashion decisions that earn you the nickname “Sammy Sleeves”
Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 8.11.12 AM
If you get too woke to your own genius, you might start growing out your hair to protect your Brain. Then you can’t get a football helmet over it.


Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 8.12.05 AM.png
Get yourself a 37 and you’re in the Josh Allen “sweet spot” where you can have your potato and eat it too.

A 37 says smart but not pompous, cool and collected, not a true nerd, a football nerd. In many ways it is the ideal Wonderlic score. I mean who wants a guy who scored a perfect 50? It’s only ever been done by a punter.

I know the Wonderlic is just one of MANY tools the teams use to evaluate a player, but when JA is passing every other test with flying colors, you take note of a 37.

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-ATrain out.



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