It’s Fake News that LeBron Beat Jordan’s Consecutive Games of 10+ Points Streak.

876 consecutive games scoring 10+ points for Lebron James sounds really great. He just broke MJ’s record of 866 games scoring 10+ points. Or did he? There is a very important factor that nobody is mentioning. This is a regular season record. This record does not include the MOST IMPORTANT GAMES. The games played in the PLAYOFFS. What are the most important games in the playoffs? The NBA Finals. Hey, LeBron you never scored less than 10 in a Finals game, did you? Let’s check the footage.

8 points in an NBA Finals game? Sheesh!

Let’s see if as a Chicago Bull Jordan scored less than 10 in the playoffs…

In 1985, his second year, in his 5th game coming back from his broken foot, Jordan was held to 8 points.  He scored at least double-digits for every other game he played as a Chicago Bull (both regular season and playoff).

So you mean to tell me that Michael Jordan never shit the bed in a playoff game, let alone a finals game? Hmmm. Well isn’t that food for thought. When the moment was the biggest and his team needed him most, LeBron had his worst game. Yet for some reason, people want to say LeBron is better? GTFO, you can’t score 8 vs the fucking Dallas Mavericks in the finals and still claim to hold this streak over Jordan, you just cannot. That streak is not real.


That was probably the last time anyone held Lebron under 10 right? Wrong. Game 5 2014 Eastern Conference Finals vs Indiana, he put up only 7 points. They lost the game 93-90. Man if Lebron had scored 10 he could have sent that game to OT, but alas he didn’t. He scored a measly 7 points in a pretty big game.


LeBron is a 10 point lock… long as it’s not the biggest and most important games like the NBA Finals or the Eastern Conference Finals.

You want to call it a regular season streak, that’s fine because it’s technically true, even though we all know it’s what happens in the playoffs that matter. Good Job Lebron on scoring 10+ in all your meaningless regular season games.

3 thoughts on “It’s Fake News that LeBron Beat Jordan’s Consecutive Games of 10+ Points Streak.

  1. By this logic all stats used in nba metrics should include the playoffs *which they don’t* take this scoring streak from lebron then you’d have to add his almost 7,000 career playoff points putting him within 1500 points of the all time scoring record vs 5000 points away you’re just a lebron hater


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