Johnny Roast Beef Stops by the ATrainSports Office to Give His Take on Donte DiVincenzo.

Johnny Roast Beef stopped by the A-Train Sports HQ to deliver some capicola and other fine deli meat from his deli/pizza place back east. Johhny don’t know a lot, but the man know’s his meats. He also loves to watch College Basketball and since he would not shut up about Donte DiVincenzo’s performance last night, I told him to say it into the camera maybe I get a little bit of content out of it capisce?

Johnny gets a little excited when he talks Italians, his brother Paulie is worse. Paulie Capicola we call him on account that he always smells like sliced capicola. I don’t know why we call Johnny Roast Beef. I think it’s because his brother already had a meat-related nickname. I always joke those two together on some nice Italian bread with a little hot giardiniera would make for a helluva sandwich.


Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 1.47.54 PM
You eat one of these and it’s like pass the Briosci!


Johnny Roast Beef had to head back east but he’ll be out here again sometime to deliver the meats. Let me tell you if you think that fucking Arby’s guy has the meats, you are dead-wrong buddy, Johnny and Paulie got the meats for real. Try their capicola, marone! is it good.

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