Johnny Roast Beef: You Come at the Queen, You Best Not Miss.

I was as upset as anyone when Deadspin decided to attack barstool yet again. But I wasn’t surprised. Deadspin makes a living by calling Barstool a misogynistic website for because it caters to a male audience. The only way anyone clicks on a Deadspin article is if it’s bashing barstool, most of those clicks are fans of barstool wondering what the issue is now. What did surprise me was the target of the latest Deadspin attack, Erika Nardini the CEO of Barstool. Shocking revelation Erika is a woman. (gasp)

You can read the drivel here, it has all the Deadspin buzzwords when talking about Barstool.

The author of this article comes off as a real salty and jealous person. I don’t really get what the point of the article is, it seems to be to call her parent company stupid and to bring down a fellow woman in her industry. Nardini is portrayed as a manipulator whos only purpose is to launder the image of Barstool. That’s pretty disrespectful to a woman who works her butt off in a male-dominated industry and has thrived.

Johnny Roast Beef is still in town and he had his own take on the situation.

Amen Johnny, I’ll get you the capicola.

Look if you “get” Barstool you understand it’s not anti-women, Women have been mocked and made fun of…so have men. Sure some blogs have been problematic, but they churn out so much content, it is bound to offend some people. The mainstream media when talking about Barstool always highlight the same few things that happened years ago. Dave Portnoy made a remark that Sam Ponder should “slut it up” in like 2014 and that’s all anyone want to talk about. How about talking about how hilarious Pardon My Take is? Talk about its massive success, not a quote from 4 years ago. Whatever, the haters are gonna hate regardless.

Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about how Dave got to the Bottom of the “Case of the Pirated Pirate Porn”

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