A-Train is in Las Vegas to Watch (bet) the NFL Draft and Playoff Basketball.

A-Train Corp has taken a company retreat to Las Vegas to watch the NFL Draft. Here at A-Train Corp we take the NFL Draft very seriously and we have all hands on deck for some very mediocre draft analysis and prop betting.

Our Props 2018.

Under 19.5 Sec players drafted in rounds 1-2.

I love the SEC but this seems like a tall order.

Under 8 Sec players drafted round 1.

Over 15.5 defensive players drafted round 1.

I just think in this draft the defensive side isn’t getting the attention it deserves, on draft day I expect more defensive players drafted than offense.

Over 1.5 running backs drafted in round 1.

Barkley is a first round lock, to win this bet you need just one more back to get picked…not great odds on this pick but I still think this side of the bets pays.

We would have more props but you need to get your bets in well before the draft, something of which I was unaware. I guess the rest of that cash will have to go to betting playoff basketball….Warriors are even money to win the title. Sounds good to me.

Bears Colored Draft Glasses:

I watch every draft through my orange and navy glasses but this year there are a lot of intriguing teams to follow this year. I’d like to highlight a couple.

Seattle Seahawks: The defense that won a title in Seattle has been dismantled, Bobby Wagner is still around and as of this moment so is Earl Thomas…but the rest is mostly gone. The Seahawks are serial traders down and honestly I think it has hurt them. They need this draft to resupply that defensive unit and better protect Wilson. A good draft gets Seattle back to the post season, a bad one means they have an even higher pick next year.

Buffalo Bills: The Bills were in the playoffs last season, blink and you missed it. With two first round picks and no QB this is a make or break draft for an up and coming franchise. Tyrod Taylor is a Brown, who is this teams starting QB next year? Is it really AJ McCarron? Do they move up or see if anyone falls to them at 12. My prediction is that they don’t get a QB early and roll with McCarron for a year.

San Fransisco: This is going to be a lot of people’s “sleeper” team next season. They solved the QB issue and have a top 10 pick. If they hit on an immediate impact player then the sleeper talk might becoming out of my mouth as well. This is a prime spot for that 2nd RB to come off the board. I don’t like the current 49ers backfield and they traded a round 2 pick for Jimmy G. If they don’t get a back in the first, then I gotta believe that they target someone in rounds 3-4.

Jacksonville: I bet nobody is predicting this team to go back to the AFC championship, but I don’t see why not. They play great D and they run the rock, that’s a solid formula for winning. If you keep Bortles clean, he has shown the ability to make plays when he has too. I expect Jags to bolster the O-line be it guard, tackle, or tight end. You never know, they might just shock everyone and take a QB. (unlikely)

DA BEARS: I truly in my heart of heart believe that this Bears team is one great draft from contending for the Superbowl THIS season. I know everyone will call me crazy and a homer, but I am usually down on the Bears. This year is different and here is why.

  1. Great Defense. The Bears play D again. Mel Tucker is long gone, Vic Fangio stayed here despite losing the head coach who hired him. That’s a good thing because I loved how the D fought hard in every single game.
  2. Trubisky is an actual franchise QB. I’ve seen enough to believe in Mitch. He has poise and is accurate, he just had nobody to throw to last season.
  3. Added Weapons. I did not want the Bears to try and solve the WR issues in the Draft. This team can be good now and WRs can often take a few years to develop. I wanted to add WRs in free agency and that is exactly what Chicago did.
  4. Added Offensive minded coach. Nagy will have this team scoring points, using Cohen and Burton in unconventional ways. After-all they are unconventional players.

So what do the Bears really need? They need to protect Trubisky better and they need a very good defense to step up and be great. That means OL or LB most likely given where the Bears are picking. Leonard Floyd was a great pick out of Georgia for the Bears, could they get another Georgia LB in Smith? They also hired ND’s O-line coach…meaning that one of the two ND O-line prospects could end up in Chicago. Hopefully it’s Quentin Nelson.

For my part, I’d really like to see it be either Q. Nelson, R. Smith, or Tremaine Edmunds the LB from VaTech. If the Bears move down it had better be because those guys got picked or all three are still there and they just move back a spot or two. I don’t think either situation will be the case and hope the Bears stand pat at 8.

Last but not least…as much as I hate OU, I am a big Baker Mayfield guy. I just like his swag and personality. He’s not Johnny Football. He’s Baker Mayfield and THAT is an NFL QB name if I’ve ever heard one. I’d like to see him on the Jets but people are saying that he is gonna go #1 to Cleveland. I also like Darnold, and haven’t watched enough Josh Allen. Rosen is the guy I have no clue about. My gut says he is a bust, but my gut said that about Mitch Trubisky and now I’m his #1 fan. My gut says a lot of things, mostly FEED ME, sometimes its better to ignore it.

Shout-out to all my boys who are former St. Louis Rams fans who used to get really hyped for the draft and now just don’t give a fuck. Especially you B-Wak. I feel for you guys.


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