TNT’s NBA Playoff Coverage Put’s ESPN’s in a Bodybag.

First off, duh. I’m not breaking any news here. Any idiot watching the bullshit talking-headmentary* before and after these games know that TNT at least tries to make it entertaining. All ESPN can do is muster the same drivel it always does.

*Talking Headmentary is ATRAINSPORTS.COM latest word invention. It’s self-explanatory, it’s the idle twittering of the talking heads in the sports mainstream media.

“How does LeBron approach game 7?” This is the most ESPN question ever. ESPN loves to hit the LeBron James crackpipe and right now it’s the first of the month for them. They must be praying for the Cavs to advance. They have the Golden State-Cleveland Playbook ready, the producers are chomping at the bit to recycle old storylines and do no real work. Why come up with new talking-headmentary when the old stuff can easily be repackaged.

I’m over Van Gundy and Mark Jackson commenting games, I miss Marv Albert and whomever they sit around him. In every way, TNT is the better broadcast.

That’s all I have to say about that.

But seriously how does LeBron approach game 7.

is it….

A) Like a hungry fat kid approaches an all you can eat Chinese buffet?

B) Like a white woman approaches a black family’s cookout to tell them to turn down their music?

C) Like Bill Walton approaches sheet acid before a grateful dead concert.

D) Like Pac Man Jones approaches a strip club.

My money is on C but anything can happen in a game 7.


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