Jay Williams Picks Cleveland over Golden State in the NBA Finals; Has Not Fully Recovered From the Motorcycle Accident that Ended his Career.

As a fan of the Chicago Bulls, I remember all too well the motorcycle accident that ended the career of Jay Williams, who was the Bulls #2 overall pick in the NBA Draft. Personally, I thought he was going to be a bust regardless, but a lot of people thought he was a promising young player.

He found a second career as an analyst for ESPN but evidently, there are still some lingering effects from the accident that occurred way back in June 2003. This is evidenced by his hot take that the Cavs are going to beat the Warriors. I’m not sure why he thinks this because I watch ESPN on mute.

Judging by the body language of his justification I could tell that he was really not on board with his own take. He was fidgety and it didn’t seem like he was owning his take in a Steven A. Smith way. He was subdued. I’m worried that the effect of the accident and his struggle with painkillers is clouding his judgment.

Last year we called that this series would be over in 5 games, I think that it’s probably the same again this year, if not a straight sweep. The difference in these teams is that the Cavs don’t have Kyrie Irving anymore. That’s a big difference. LeBron has been incredible but the Warriors have too much firepower. That’s our official NBA Finals pick. -ATRAIN OUT.

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