NBA Draft Recap: The Bulls Drafted Too Well, Atlanta Did Good Drafting Bad.

It’s been a few days since the NBA Draft, I’ve let all the picks sink in, listened to what all the pundits had to say, and I’m ready to come in hot with my takes. As always I’m viewing this draft through my Chicago Bulls colored glasses.  The Bulls had picks #7 and #22 overall. By the time they were on the clock at #7 the following players had already been selected:

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 3.41.16 PM

Doncic at #3 to the Mavericks was a result of a trade with Atlanta, Atlanta dropped two spots and took Trae Young, and picked up the Dallas first round pick in 2019 (protected). Most people are praising this trade for Dallas. I agree it was a good trade for Dallas, but it wasn’t a bad trade for Atlanta like many people are saying.

I think Atlanta may have a very good strategy here. They want to be bad again but they still want to sell tickets. So you pick up another first round pick, and you give the keys to Trae young for a season, and let him jack up 25 shots a game. This is a recipe to get the top pick NEXT year. I actually think next year we might have a special draft class highlighted by a very elite player in R.J. Barrett. I watched this kid play against a lot of other top High School players and he just stood way out as a next level talent.

Granted, we have not had NBA Free Agency yet, so I have no real clue how all these teams will look next season, but Atlanta and Orlando look poised to be bad enough to compete for that pick. I would also throw the Sacramento Kings in the mix but somehow the Boston Celtics have the Kings #1 pick next season. It’s scary to think what would happen if the Celtics somehow added Barrett.

At #7 the Bulls took Wendell Carter Jr. from Duke. He was a consensus “safe” pick. I personally think he is a safe pick with a lot of potential. I’m glad they didn’t take Michael Porter Jr. I know a lot of Bulls fans wanted him but as a Mizzou fan who was a very close follower of his college, he scared the hell out of me. Soft and injury prone is not a good combo even in today’s NBA. Carter Jr. will probably contribute good minutes from the get-go and be an asset going forward. I like the pick.

At #22 the worst kept secret in the draft was the Bulls drafting Chandler Hutchinson. If you’re just reading the name you probably are thinking he’s a white guy. You’d be wrong Chandler Hutchinson is, in fact, a 6’7 shooting guard with a 7’1 wingspan from Boise St. He shut down all workouts for other teams after the Bulls promised his agent that they would take him at #22. I gotta admit I knew nothing of this kid, Boise St. didn’t make the NCAA Tournament and I don’t watch much Mountain West Basketball. He was a late-bloomer that averaged 3.1 points as a freshman and 6.8 as a sophomore. He then stepped his game up averaging 17 points his Jr. year and 20 in his Sr. year. When you watch him you see an NBA body. You see a guy who is going to translate to the NBA. I love the pick.

The problem with me loving these picks is that it means the Bulls are probably going to be good enough to get at least 32 wins maybe a lot more. That would leave them with very slim chances of getting the top pick in 2019. Also, I don’t think Fred Hoiberg survives another heinous record. It’s in his best interest to win every single game he can if he wants to keep his job. The Bulls front office gave Hoiberg a long leash but it’s not going to last much longer.

Other Draft Musings:

I actually think Colin Sexton would work well with LeBron should LBJ stay in Cleveland. I honestly hope he gives Cleveland one more year before going to L.A. If I were the Cavs I would try and replace guys like Korver who can’t play defense with really good defenders. I’d want to see LBJ on a team with 3-4 other really good defenders and win low scoring games with him taking over in the 4th.

I don’t know what the Washington Wizards are doing, they seem like a franchise treading water, if I were them, I’d go full rebuild and trade John Wall and Brad Beal and try to get myself in that R.J. Barrett Sweepstakes.

The Clippers are another team that just seems lost, I just don’t see any strategy or direction from this franchise. They drafted two guards and now there is a traffic jam of guys at that position. Also, we get another year of Austin Rivers. Yay!

Spurs made a Spurs pick in Lonnie Walker IV, perfect fit for that kid, I think a few teams are going to regret passing on him. Bonus: he had an all-time picture with Adam Silver. See our featured image.

A-Train Out.


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