Is LeBron’s plan after the Lakers to play with his kid?

LeBron to the Lakers didn’t surprise anybody, LA was the odds-on favorite for weeks to sign LBJ. What was shocking to some people was the length of the deal (3 years, with a 4th-year player option.) Everyone is saying “He’s in it for the long haul!” and that may be true but I think the fact the length of his deal is the same amount of time his son Bronny will likely spend in High School is not exactly a coincidence.

LeBron James is more calculating now than he’s ever been before. I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just saying that the man knows what he wants. I think what he wants to play with his son in the NBA. So right around the time, this Laker Deal is up, Bronny will be graduating high school.

This is where we might have a never before seen situation where a father can directly impact the place his kid gets drafted. Let me put forth a scenario: After 4 years LeBron James Jr. aka Bronny declares that he is not going to college but directly to the NBA. (In this scenario players can go from HS directly to the pros, hey it might be this way in 4 years.) If LeBron declares that he is going to sign with the team that drafts his son it could shoot Bronny up in the rankings regardless of his talent. Even in a one and done situation, LeBron will still probably be young enough to play a couple seasons with his kid.

LeBron to the Lakers is going to be a fun four years in the NBA. The Warriors are going to have real competition now, it’s going to be a wild season. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed for LeBron’s epilogue to his career being one of mentorship to his kid in the NBA.

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