DeAngelo Hall Retires and ROASTS Jay Cutler on his way out in epic fashion.

If I could have played against Jay Cutler more, I probably would be in the Hall of Fame by now, but it didn’t quite work out” – DeAngelo Hall.

Incredible last words to a football career. Honestly, I never liked DeAngelo Hall, until now. Hall was always a guy who thought he was better than he actually was…..still true. He could make big plays but also give up big plays.

As a Bears fan, my Jay Cutler relationship is pretty love-hate. Like DeAngelo Hall, Cutler would wow you with an amazing play, and on the next play throw an int off his back foot into double coverage. Apathetic to both the good and bad plays, Jay would at times make it hard to root for him. Of course now that’s he’s an apathetic reality star as opposed to an apathetic QB, I find his attitude a lot more humorous.

DeAngelo Hall is the perfect Yin to Jay Cutler’s Yang.

Neither was well liked by fans of even their own teams. But they each had an undeniable god given talent, that was never fully realized because of their attitudes. The attitudes were polar opposites, however. Hall was a hot-head, getting into fights every training camp. Cutler was cool, too cool. Cools guys know it’s cool to not care too much about anything, for Cutler that included throwing interceptions.

What I need now is for DeAngelo Hall to become a regular on Very Cavallari. I need this relationship to continue beyond the football field. Maybe he could become a Kramer-type guy who just pops in and “picks off” the Cutler refrigerator. Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 9.53.35 AM

I watched the game where Cutty threw the quad-laser of picks to DeAngelo Hall. The thing I remember about that game was:

  1. The game was close the entire time because that Bears team could still play defense and the Redskins were a shit offense.
  2. DeAngelo Hall’s 4 interceptions all came in the second half.
  3. Devin Hester and Johnny Knox were not NFL Wide Receivers, they were both return guys that couldn’t run an NFL route tree. Hall’s quote should have been “If I only had to cover return guys who can’t run routes, I’d be in the Hall of Fame by now.
  4. I remember pulling the last of my hair out this game and was bald forever after.

Some of those picks are definitely on Jay, the pick 6 most of all. Still, his wide receivers did him no favors and the Bears had a garbage offensive line for most of Jay’s Tenure. Here’s a question: Why the hell is Fox’s A-Team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman doing a Bears-Redskins game? You’re telling me this was the best game to feature that week? Yikes.

Enjoy retirement DeAngelo, hit ya, boy, Cutty up when you get a minute, Very Cavallari could use some diversity. A-Train Out.

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