The NFL needs to just accept that’s its a dangerous game.

If you watched last night’s Hall of Fame Game, then you might be wondering what the hell is going on with the new “safety” precautions in the NFL. I’ll tell you what’s going on, the game is slowly becoming unwatchable and the NFL is doing it to itself.

The reason that the NFL is so popular is because of the violence. We love great catches, runs, and hits. Now they want to take away the hits that fueled the popularity of the game. The problem is that this is no longer the game everyone loves, it’s the game everyone loathes. We loathe it because we remember what it once was. The golden age of the NFL has rescinded and darker days loom ahead.

He is the NFL’s first problem, they try and claim that Football is a safe game that they are making safer every year. Stop that. Let’s act like alcoholics trying to get sober and admit that we have a problem. This is the first step. The problem is all the lying about a safe game.

I as the commish would say this…Look, my predecessor, Roger was both a liar and a scumbag. I’m not gonna be like him. I won’t pretend football is safe. I am the commissioner of a dangerous sport, dangerous to the point of causing on the field death. Dangerous to the point of long-term health effects. This sport is practiced by elite athletes with both God-given talent and talent earned through hard work and dedication. The bigger faster and stronger these athletes become the more dangerous the sport becomes and every year they seem to be getting bigger faster and stronger. Concussions leading to CTE are real and everyone playing is taking on a serious risk.

What we as a league are going to do from now on is take better care of our players financially and medically. Anyone playing in the NFL will have lifelong top tier heal care. But everyone must accept the risks going in. Many people have tried to climb Mt. Everest and not come back, yet we still let people climb mountains. We have to let our players make the choice to play, it is their life and their decision.

We are rolling back many (not all) of our recent penalties regarding how you can hit. All the concussion protocols will remain in place. You still won’t be able to hit the QB up high in the helmet. All the reasonable rules will stray. The unreasonable ones where routine defensive plays are now 15-yard penalties must go.

They must go because they make the game not watchable and because all those hits are still happening anyway.

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