Wet the Beak III: Beak Wetting with a Vengence.

I’m writing part III to this week’s edition of “Wet the Beak” as I watch Ole Miss take on Texas Tech in Houston. It’s 9am, this is what sucks about living in Seattle. College Football starts too early.

Texas Tech just scored to tie the game at 7-7 in the first quarter, but I gotta eat crow because I wanted to tell you guys to take the Ole Miss team that’s getting points in a neutral venue. I should have listed this game is yesterday’s column but I didn’t realize the kickoff was so early.

So I’m only half awake and half watching football as I try to write throw out winners to you people. Feel free to fade this picks.

Ole Miss just scored on the ensuing kickoff to make it 14-7.

Louisville +23.5 at Alabama: In Saban we trust…I like to think that I know what games Saban cares about winning big and which ones he just cares about winning. I have a feeling he wants to have a red feather cloak made out of the plumage of a million Cardinals. (He wants to beat the shit out of Louisville) There is no way Saban doesn’t hate Bobby Petrino. Two Alpha’s like that can’t co-exist. They compete for the same recruits in the same region and this game is Nationally televised. I will lay 23.5 points to roll with the tide.

17-7 Ole Miss. Tech’s QB just got knocked out.

Navy -10.5 at Hawaii: I like the Midshipmen here to win by 14. People are high on Hawaii because they “upset” a crappy CSU team.

Miami -3.5 at LSU (Neutral Site – Jerry’s World) Everyone is picking Miami but I’m not so sure. If LSU had a Derrius Guice type at RB still, I’d be on LSU all the way. LSU starts a transfer from Ohio State in Joe Burrow while Miami returns triggerman Malik Rozier. I actually think Burrow is potentially better than Rozier, but that remains to be seen. Both these teams are good I think I just want the points and LSU.

The Miami Defense and the Skill position players are scary as hell. The key for LSU will stop the run first and force Rozier to throw to beat you. Which he can do against a lesser defense, but can he do it vs a stout SEC opponent?

24-10 Ole Miss on top and we’re barely into the second quarter.

Virginia Tech -7 at FSU

This opened at -5.5 and is up to -7.5 in some places now. We hopped on for a taste of this game before it got to 7 but even at 7 I think it’s a pretty safe bet. FSU was ranked #3 last year and week #1 they lost their QB for the season. The year from hell ensued, I expect a bounce-back year for the ‘Noles and it starts by covering at home vs VaTech.

I’m gonna settle in and watch these games. Enjoy this glorious weekend of College Football. A-Train Out.


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