A-Train & Andy Mansion talk NFL over/unders.

Bill Simmons has Joe House, well what’s better than a house? A Mansion. That’s why I got my buddy Andy Mansion to talk pigskin. The NFL is a mansion and it’s up to Andy and myself to relegate teams to various rooms in the mansion. The teams that end up in the Master Bedroom…those are the Superbowl picks.

The Kitchen – Teams that have something cooking.

The Dining Room – The teams that are ready to eat. They earned a place at the table.

The Celler – Bad teams with upward potential.

The Laundry Room – Bad teams that need to be cleansed.

The Closet – Teams with an identity crisis.

*This was recorded August 28th, so it predates the Khalil Mack to the Bears trade and a few other recent events.

Enjoy. A-Train out.


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