I hit you with the Pick Six, Marty Jannetty!


Guess who’s back IT’S THE INCREDIBLE! What’s up PBM disciples – how y’all doing? You ready to get pick sixed Marty Jannetty? 5-1 last week – boom. Actually 6-1 if you include my bonus Thursday night pick for dat ass.

Quick explanation for the blog title / Action Bronson joint: I love it and can’t stop dropping that lyric. I say it to my girl friend. I said it to my mom today. I said it to ATrain in a comedic voice we use that makes “kick” sound like “cock.” Listen to the track if you dare, but be prepared to want to drop kick shit like Marty Jannetty all day long.

I’m dropping Hip Hop with every pick because I feel like it – fuck with me.

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (+5.5) over Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers clubhouse is confused. Where the hell is LeVeon Bell? The Kansas City Chiefs are not confused – that offense is united and ready to stomp heads. The Chiefs could be a real deal wagon. They torched the Chargers with a subpar performance from their all pro running back, and Mahomes looked extremely comfortable against a diesel defense. This is my lock of the week.

CAROLINA PANTHERS (+5.5) over Atlanta Falcons

There was no other way around this pick for me. Carolina is just…better. I like them so much for than the Falcons. I think ATrain is on the other end of this – good. I want to scuffle. I want Cam and CMC to bury his beak in dry dust. LET’S GO PANTHERS!

MINNESOTA VIKINGS (+0.5) over Green Bay Packers

Three picks, three dogs. Two teams we picked last week and won with. Two supersized teams. The Vikings are going to take their time and DESTROY the Packers. The Bears should’ve destroyed them and the Vikings are a way better club than the Bears. This is my second lock of the week – I’m going to bet tons of cash on this AND take them in the pool I use these picks for. Respect my hustle. Lastly, I expect Dalvin Cook to bust out large in this game. Use him in Draft Duel or Fan Kings or whatever the fuck those wastes of money are.

NEW YORK JETS (-2.5) over Miami Dolphins

An ugly NY rapper going to town about getting money to cement my Jets pick? Yes, please! I think the Dolphins STINK. I think the Jets are way over hyped right now, but they’re more than field goal better than the Fish. As a piss drunk alum said at my frat one early morning after a Saturday night of extracurriculars…”The Jets are gonna squish the fish.” I agree.

DENVER BRONCOS (-5.5) over Vegas Raiders

The Broncos are for real. The Raiders are not. We picked the Broncos last week and against the Raiders last week and this trend may just continue until as long as damn well feel like it. Only problem with this song for this game – Gibbs is dissing Jeezy and he says “Snowman Killa.” The Broncos are kind of Snowmen, right? Colorado…snow…snowmen…whatever.


JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS over New England Patriots (+2.5)

If Leonard goes, I think the Jags win outright and do so with a vengeance. If not, the Pats are going win by at least a score. It’s that simple. I’m hoping Leonard goes so this track makes sense and I get to bet on them – that’s just more fun.

Bonus Pick: Ravens (-0.5) over Bengals. I’m benching Alex Collins in fantasy, but that has no effect on this game. Ravens are better and should stomp.

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