The Bears traded up to draft Mitch Trubisky, Pat Mahomes was the next QB drafted.

Looking back at the Bears 2016 NFL draft, I’m starting to wonder just how stupid it was to trade from #3 up to #2 with San Fransisco. The Bears nightmare scenario was that the 49ers would take Trubisky or a team like the Jets might trade up to that spot. The problem I have is that Pat Mahomes would have been our “consolation prize” in that nightmare scenario, at worst it would have been Desean Watson.

I really need to see something from Mitch tonight vs the Seattle Seahawks. I just watched Pat Mahomes look like the best young QB since Andrew Luck and with a bigger arm. This guy could have easily been a Chicago Bear. I’m really starting to wonder how you could see what Mahomes can do and not think he’s the best QB in that class. What did they see in Mitch that they didn’t see in Pat Mahomes? They both can move, both have strong arms…but Trubisky barely played in College…Mahomes set records, he was so good Baker Mayfield transferred from Texas Tech to Oklahoma. Mahomes is bigger and has a cannon attached to his body. He also seems to grasp the X’s and O’s better than Trubisky. I am very curious about why they went with Mitch.

Other thoughts on this weekend…

The penalty on Clay Matthews for roughing Cousins was embarrassing. To watch your team play defense in the 2018 NFL is beyond stressful. You have to hold your breath and clench your asshole after every hit, praying to the football gods your team doesn’t get a bogus flag for just trying to tackle. This is no way to watch football.

Josh Gordon got traded to the Patriots…the Browns don’t have a clue. They just filled one of the Patriots biggest needs. Tom Brady might have Gronk, Edelman and Brown on the field at the same time…not at all scary.

Vontae Davis retired at halftime everyone is saying he quit on his team yadda yadda yadda…I don’t see what the big deal is, he had an epiphany and acted on it. I can’t fault a guy for that. It’s not like quitting a fantasy football league because you’re a triggered snowflake baby back bitch, who needs to spend more time writing pretentious food posts on IG.

I was wrong about Tampa and Miami, to be fair I did not know that Ryan Fitzpatrick was going to start the season for Tampa Bay. If I had I might have taken them more seriously. As for Miami, it’s all on Tannehill who looks decent coming off a torn ACL. I’m not ready to pump the tires of the Dolphins just yet, they beat Tennessee and The New York Jets. Not exactly powerhouses.

Jags D we already knew was good, if Bortles continues to improve this team could be playing for a Super Bowl in February. Cole and Westbrook have stepped up in the absence of Marquis Lee.

Kansas City has the best offense and one of the worst defenses. Bet the over. Play the QB going up against the Chiefs in fantasy and play your Chiefs.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with more from the NFL… ATRAIN OUT

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