Monday musings from a crazy football weekend.

Sometimes when you make picks against the spread or just in general, you see something and file it away. For example, you watch Bradon Wimbush and he looks off. He’s not playing well. He really only played well for one quarter at Michigan. You take that information and use it to bet against Norte Dame. Here’s the problem, sometimes the coach sees the same thing and decides to start his back-up. Now the reason for taking Wake is gone but it’s too late, the pick is in.

Or maybe you think Old Dominion is a trash team, and you watched them get destroyed by Liberty. You watched VaTech roll them last season. So you bet against them against a far superior team…then after one drive ODU pulls their QB and they put in a kid named Blake LaRussa. Then the VaTech QB gets hurt and all of a sudden this game is being led by two completely different triggermen. That’s a recipe for losing a bet by 35 points. Blake LaRussa is one hell of a QB name, how are you not playing this kid from the get-go?

These are the breaks, coaches bench guys and make adjustments, guys get hurt, and Vegas makes money. Luckily Florida and Troy pulled out covers for us and salvaged a bad week in which we went 3/8 with picks.

That was Saturday. Sunday was even crazier.

We only made one pick for Sunday’s wet the beak and it lost. The Bears only won 16-14 and they failed to cover. Late in the 4th quarter, a pick-6 by the bears WOULD have given us a late-game miracle cover, but Khalil Mack was called for offsides, in the lone mistake he made all game. I don’t feel bad about that loss, it had twenty chances to win…it was just bad luck. Also, Mitch Trubisky is going to give me a heart attack with how dumb he is with the football and how bad some of his deep passes are.

In the NFL you gotta expect the unexpected and yesterday the unexpected was the norm.

The Bills beat the Vikings in Minnesota. Minnesota needs to do a better job protecting Cousins this team that was my Superbowl Pick looks very shaky now.

Washington beat the Green Bay Packers. I saw none of this game but according to the talking heads, Aaron Rodgers looks like he’s still hurt. I can only hope.

The Lions spanked New England. Patricia beat his old team and he did it by having a much more talented offense. Kenny Golladay has emerged as an elite WR.

The Titans beat the Jags and they are somehow 2-1. I need to see the Titans play more because I cannot fathom how this team is 2-1. Is the defense that good?

Before the season started I blogged about being triggered by the NFL’s new “safety” rules. Now that they are in place, it’s even worse than I thought. You just can’t sack the Quarterback now. You can’t fall on him. You can’t do much of anything. Clay Matthews is now the poster-child for the pussification (I hate that word but I have to use it) of the NFL. Sure we all want to live in a perfect world where injuries don’t occur, but telling pass rushers they cannot fall on the QB is asinine. We have got to reverse this rule or I fear for the future of the NFL.

We have Steelers at Tampa Bay coming up in a few minutes here so I’m gonna end this blog but if you want a pick for tonight or if you want to fade me…I think I like the Steelers +1. A-Train Out.


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