Wet the Beak: NCAA Tournament Round One.

Coming at you with the first ever College Hoops “Wet the Beak” at ATRAIN CORP.

Let’s move some units.

First, my betting philosophy when it comes to round one. Find the teams you think are overseeded, overrated or just flat out stink. Find the ones among those teams that are favored by double digits and bet against them.

Purdue -13 vs Old Dominion: ODU is an athletic team that won’t be intimidated at all by Purdue. They won at Syracuse earlier in the year, I think they cover and possibly win the game outright. Purdue is a very weak 3 seed in my mind. The game is being played in Hartford.

Kansas State -5 vs UC Irvine: This game is being played in San Jose which is still a long drive from Orange County but I think staying on the West Coast to play will favor UC Irvine. I think UCI can win outright so I’d just take the points to be safe. Kansas State inspires no confidence in me at all.

Iowa State -6 vs Ohio State: The game is in Tulsa, I don’t see that favoring either team. These are even steven teams in my mind so if one of them is getting six points like the Buckeyes are, I say jump on that. Mark Titus’s Alma Mater advances I say it’s safe to money line bet Ohio State.

Good Teams can play close games especially if the location is favorable for the opponent.

Florida State plays Vermont in Hartford. That’s a long way to travel away from Florida during spring break season. This could be a VERY pro-Vermont crowd. I think Florida State is a great team. I think they probably should have gotten the three seed that was given to Purdue. They are way more talented than Vermont and can pound them inside. I think FSU wins the game. I’m not sure if they cover 10 points. This is one of those games I see them escaping with a win, not dominating.

I don’t like betting favorites in round one. Crazy shit just happens way too much. But there are a few favorites that I like.

I like Villanova -4.5 over St. Mary’s in Hartford. That’s a long trip for St. Mary’s.

I like Cincinnati -3.5 over Iowa in Columbus. Cincinnati is solid and the game is in their backyard.


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