Need bangers? I can give ’em to ya.

Watch the whole clip or skip to 1:08 for context…I can give it to ya.

Happy Friday, Rail Riders! It’s you mans, PBM, and I’m coming in HOT with bangers to kick off your weekend. Let’s start with two joints from the Super Group Pivot Gang. Love these dudes – bunch of original rhyme slayers led by Saba and Joseph Chilliams. Their track “Blood” is the one that put me on to them.

The track “Edward Scissorhands” is what sold me on them permanently.

“You don’t got to trim your bush, you don’t got to Edward Scissorhands!” Bar of the century, kids.

If Pivot Gang’s sound is too modern for ya, then rock with Benny the Butcher. He’s as throwback as they come, man. Conjures up “Cuban Linx” and “Infamous” vibes every time I hear him bust into a beat. “Fast Eddie” is my favorite joint from him, but his whole catalogue is on point.

Ya boy PBM has been on a soulful kick lately, and tracks like “Thinking ‘Bout You” are at the crest of that wave. Deante’ Hitchcock is a self-proclaimed Outkast disciple and he brings the flavor of someone who should believe such a bold declaration. His track “Postlude” is straight fire too, as is “Ascension.”

This track is a bit older, but I’m just now getting it into rotation.

The lyrics paint the message. The beat is fire. It’s alllll legit in that banger from EARTHGANG.

Last one will be left to the man with the best drop in the game right now…”TO BASS BE THE GLORY!” Here’s Bass Santana’s THUMPER “Mix It.”

Updated PBM Playlist on Spotify. Peep game, and be safe out there this weekend.

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