A Better Ending to HBO’s Game of Thrones. Part 1.

Game of Thrones ended in epic failure last night. There’s not much else to say. I can’t even go into the minutiae of every little failure of this episode and of this season. We all saw it first hand. Instead, I’m going to off the top of my head outline a better way to end GoT the show from when Danerys is sailing back to Dragonstone from Mereen, and after Jon Snow is proclaimed The King in the North. Cersei sits the Iron Throne.

Part 1)

Daenerys gets to Dragonstone with her three dragons. Here we see her practicing on how to ride her dragon. Tyrion has been studying some scrolls he found at Dragonstone he discovers secrets of dragon riding previously thought lost written in the hands of Aegon the conqueror. He helps teach Dany and one of the dragons takes to him. Tyrion becomes a second dragon rider. He also devises a saddle-type thing to ride on the dragons similar to what he did for Bran.

Together they lay waste to Euron Greyjoy’s fleet when they spot it in Blackwater Bay. As the scorpions from the ship are angled upwards to shoot the dragons from the sky. Dany and Tyrion dive low almost skimming about the water. The dragons torch them from sea level. This is a trick Tyrion read about in the scrolls. When the remaining ship angled the scorpions low the dragons climbed into the sky and reigned hell from above. Peace out Euron.

This would keep Tyrion looking like a smart character, and it would show Dany learning to become a warrior on dragon back, rather than her just automatically being adroit at it. Characters can continue to grow even in the later seasons’ guys. 

John is too fucking busy worrying about the goddamn night king to go all the way to Dragonstone looking for dragon glass. He instead sends Davos since he’s fucking good at sailing and diplomacy.

Davos convinces Dany and Tyrion of the danger to the North, they mine the dragon glass and Davos sails it back to the north meanwhile Tyrion flys north on his dragon to meet with Jon Snow and see first hand what Davos was talking about.

Cersei is legit worried about the fucking Dragons and Danerys as she should be. Jamie is also worried.

Dany flies her Dragon to Dorne and wins the support of the Dornish. They declare for her and march towards Casterly Rock.

The Major Problem with the show beyond so many other problems was that the writer’s lost sight of who the final boss should be and what was truly important. The Final Boss is the Army of the Dead and the Night King, not Cersei.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 7.16.33 PM.png
Remember me? I’m the final boss, not a blonde milf.

Meanwhile up North at the Wall, the dead begin to gather and shamble about the wall. As the Night King comes winter comes with him and the wall is hit with a blizzard. As the snow falls the white walkers command the dead to start gathering the snow. With the snow of winter itself, they start building blocks of ice and with those blocks, they begin to build a giant ice-stair to climb over the wall. We see that they have an almost endless army. The Night King rides a giant spider like the ice spiders mentioned in the books, his lieutenants on other animals like mammoths and elk.

The Night’s Watch sees what’s happening and have to abandon Castle Black because they lack the men to mount a defense. They now must warn people what’s coming. “The stair is taking time to be built, but it will be built and the dead will come”

The Watch joins John at Winterfell. They tell him everyone in the north needs to go South. Everyone.

Back in the South Cersei knows she can’t fight her way out so she must try and use her wits. She is surrounded. She asks to talk to Queen Daenerys woman to woman. Cersei tells Dany how she loved her brother Rhaeger, how it should have been her that wed him not Elia. That if it had been her, he would have never run off with Lyanna Stark. Elia Martell was far too plain and frail to please a Dragon.

(this is all true – Cersei thought all these things at one point)

Then she tells Dany about how every part of the prophecy the woods witch told her has come true. She had three children, and they all died. She says how at first she thought Margery was the Queen “Younger and more beautiful” that came to cast her down, but now she sees that it was clearly Dany the witch spoke of.

“I never thought Margery was more beautiful though, so I had my doubts. But you Danerys are very beautiful and you’ve come to cast me down”

Cersei says she will abdicate peacefully, she asks that Jamie and all her men be spared. And she asks to be allowed to resume life as the Lady of Casterly Rock. Loyal to the new Queen. Dany is very pleased and she allows it. Cersei then respectfully asks if Dany would grant her a seat on the council so that she might help the Queen ease her transition. Missandei is skeptical, Jorah thinks its a bad idea, but Tyrion is not there to truly warn Dany that his sister will continue to plot and that she may yet desire to take the throne after all is said and done.

Cersei pays Bronn to Kill Varys for leaving her service to join Daenerys. This way we get rid of Varys who is useless without his little birds and we see Cersei has not changed her true nature.

Tyrion flies his dragon North to the Wall while John Snow rides there with a scouting party. They need to see the enemy first hand and Tyrion can see them the best from the sky. Except the blizzard clouds make it impossible to see. He comes out of the clouds at a low altitude and immediately sees the stair almost complete. He’s close to the top of the wall and Viscerion lets out dragonflame that melts the top of the stair and several dead thralls. As he passes back we see the Night King on his ice spider, the spider spits and Icy Web that takes Visceron full in the face, he can’t see and he can breathe flame. He fly-crashes down on the southern side of the wall right in front of John and his men as they ride up.

The Men using all their daggers cuts away the icy web on the dragon’s face and he will be ok but he’s hurt and Tyrion won’t ride him without an actual plan of attack – smart right? Tyrion saw what they needed to see anyway, the North Needs to be evacuated, everyone must make for White Harbor to take ship or Moat Caitlin along the King’s road. Tyrion says when Viscerion is ready he will find Daenerys and tell her about the danger.

Bran tells John that he’s actually the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna when John and Tyrion get back to Winterfell. He tells him that they must have Daenerys and her Dragons to defeat the Night King, he tells him the Dragon must have three heads and John is the third. John must learn to ride a Dragon as well.

Bran tells Tyrion that he is, in fact, the son of Joanna Lannister and The Mad King. That the Mad King raped his mother and that he was half Lannister and half Targaryen. That his mother tried to drink moon tea too late to kill the pregnancy, that’s why she died and he came out a dwarf. (Big Reveal John Dany and Tyrion are the Three-headed Dragon of House Targaryen.)

I’m going to pause here and come back tomorrow with how the rest of this shit maybe could have gone down.


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