A Better Ending to HBO’s Game of Thrones. Part 2.

Hey A-Train, what about Sansa?

Hey A-Train, what about Arya?

Hey A-Train, what about Hot Pie?

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I’ll get to this beautiful boy.

Hey A-Train, what about Brienne of Tarth?

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Some people want to know more than others.

I’m getting to them, Jennifer!

We pick up with Sansa I think somewhere around when she makes Ramsay dog food. Sansa is becoming the woman her mother wanted her to be, a true lady. Littlefinger (who in my version would have never sent Sansa to Ramsay in the first place but I can’t rewrite everything) is urging her to wed Robyn Arryn the Lord of the Vail. She is skeptical because the first time Littlefinger urged her to wed it failed miserably. Littlefinger has turned  Rob Arryn into a catch, a guy Sansa would really like. Sansa in intrigued, with John King in the North, Lady of the Veil is a nice title. In fact, the young Lord is so unlike he used to be Sansa thinks it’s possible Littlefinger either killed the boy and replaced him or he died of natural causes. The courtship is cut short by the coming doom and Sansa takes a leadership role as does the young lord Arryn in helping the people flee south.

Arya is not killing the Night King with a pencil in my version sorry, but she knows to flee south like everyone else, except she has more purpose. She still has a name on her list: Cersei Lannister.

Not to get too far ahead of myself in the timeline I really quickly want to outline how this confrontation will go down. Arya in typical faceless-man fashion studies her victim before deciding how to kill her. Arya sees the queen’s plots to kill Tyrion and Daenerys to usurp the throne again. But she’s been watching her so closely that Arya knows Cersei’s schemes will unravel around her and she will be caught.

If you will permit me some imaginary screenwriting: 

Arya sneaks up on the queen like a thief in the night. The queen is alone in her bedchamber lit only by candlelight.

Arya: I’ve been watching you, I came to King’s Landing to kill you. Do you remember me?

Cersei: You’re the Stark girl, the other one. It was your wolf that bit my Joffrey.

Arya: That was a long time ago, a lot’s happened since then. I made a list you know? At one point it had a lot of names on it. It had your son’s name on it. It was more than a list actually. It was a prayer, I said it every night before I slept. I’ve slain many a man on my list… I would have killed Joffrey, instead, Littlefinger did it with the Queen of Thornes.

(The Queen who was certain her brother Tyrion poisoned Joffrey with the help of Sansa has a look of shock and disbelief on her face, she moves her lips to speak but Arya cuts her off.)

Arya: You still think the Imp killed Joffrey? C’mon Cersei I thought you were smarter than that. Littlefinger planned the whole thing and freed my sister, it’s the only reason HE’S not on my list. In fact, there’s just one name left. Queen Cersei. Except you’re no longer a queen are you?

Cersei: I am the Lady of Casterly Rock and I will be a queen again!

Arya: You are the last name I whisper at night, and I’m not even going to kill you. I am going to watch your plots and schemes unravel and swallow you up and I’m going to laugh when it happens. I need to learn to laugh again,

(Arya fades into the shadows)

Cersei’s plots do unravel around her, she was going to try and kill Tyrion and Daenerys she is brought before the queen and demands a trial by combat. Everyone knows she’s guilty but Daenerys allows it. Cersei’s Champion is Ser Robert Strong, so obviously the Hound is going to be the Champion for the Crown. The Hound wins and Cersei is guilty.

Tyrion strangles his sister to death, in the same manner, he killed Shea. He’s not even thinking about Cersei as he does it, he’s thinking about the first woman he strangled. In doing so he fulfills the last part of Cersei’s prophecy.

I could see doing this part in the final episode, or just before the last showdown with the Night King.

Lot’s of people want to know what my boy HP is up too? Hot Pie is slanging bowls of brown to everyone in flea bottom. “Best Brown in the Bottom” is his Tavern’s catch phrase.

Brienne of Tarth takes on a role in John’s Snow’s king’s guard. Tormund immediately also gets on John’s king’s guard and Brienne wonders if she just made a huge mistake. Tormund still tells the Giants milk story. (That’s cannon from the books.)  More on John’s Elite Guard later.

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A-Train Taking a break from fixing this mess…Part 3 is coming and faster than the Winds of Fucking Winter.

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