A Better Ending to HBO’s Game of Thrones. Part 3.

There was this huge build up to John Snow’s true identity. He’s not Ned Starks bastard, he’s the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. Yet on the show we saw, that didn’t seem to matter AT ALL with the way things turned out in the end. Do not fear or worry here it WILL matter. Tyrion has taken his Dragon to warn Dany of what’s coming from the North. He tells her that there is something else she needs to know.

Dany, John Snow, and Tyrion meet with Bran by the heart tree. John Snow and Dany are meeting for the first time. Dany tells John her dream is a Kingdom united under her rule, Jon tells her “If we live through this I will happily bend the knee.”

Dany also meets Bran for the first time. Bran tells her that she THINKS she is alone, that she THINKS she is the last Targaryen…she isn’t. She has a living half brother and a living nephew. Bran puts his hand on Dany and is able to pass to Daenerys a true vision of the past. The imagery she needs to see to know the truth.

Tears are running down Daenerys cheeks, she thought she was all alone. The Last Targaryen. I will never have children she says but now in you, I know our family’s bloodline can go on. Dany is not mad, she’s happy! She has a family again. The Targaryens can go on through either John or Tyrion.

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 12.23.31 PM
Dany likes this ending more. High Five!

Dany and Tyrion tell John he needs to learn to Dragon ride and they teach him in an empty Winterfell as everyone has fled south. From the skies above Winterfell, they see the coming storm of winter.

The plan now is to try and defend against the Night King at the next choke point. This would be the neck. White Harbor however isn’t fully evacuated yet, there have not been enough ships to get everyone out. Bran tells John that he sees through the raven a pirate fleet nearby that can help…Salador Saan (remember him!)

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 12.17.40 PM
How are you not gonna close this dude out proper?

Danerys will fly to convince Saan to help the people of White Harbor evacuate.

Tyrion, John and Bran head to the choke point. They are meeting the Unsullied and Grey Worm to plan the defense. Lots of the big names are gonna be here. Jorah is fucking half dead from greyscale Sam failed his surgery because he’s a fat idiot. Jorah just wants one last chance to kill for his queen and die with a sword in hand.

The Plan will be to have an actual plan, a plan for the dragons and how to use them, a plan on how to use Calvary not like total idiots…pretty much the opposite of what we saw in the show.

Cut to Salador Saan’s flagship: We see The Red Woman is on board. (what you thought I’d forget about the firestarter?) The Red Woman told Saan that if he sailed towards White Harbor the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen would come to him out of the sky on a dragon and that he would help her for nothing more than a kiss. Saan in starting to appear skeptical but then he hears the dragon’s wail and sees the wings through the clouds. Drogon lands on the giant vessel as gentle as a sparrow and Dany greets Saan with the greatest courtesy. She tells of the peril and will do anything for his help. Saan says he will do it for nothing more than a kiss but when Dany leans in he stops her. “Not here,” he says as he points to the sky “Up there” And without hesitation, she hails Drogon and they both fly high into the sky. Saan gets to mile-high first base. The people of White Harbor get the ships they need. White Harbor saved by a Black Pirate isn’t it ironic?

I have no clue how many parts this will be but I don’t want them getting too long so I will end here. Look for Part for 4 coming soon.


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