A Better Ending to HBO’s Game of Thrones. Part 4.

Welcome back to the Game of Thrones rewrite, where we last left off the North was being evacuated through the Neck and through White Harbor. The Night’s King is descending through the North, killing the people who didn’t evacuate in time. The children are held in cages as prisoners for now. He leads his army of the dead into an empty Winterfell. First, he goes to the crypts and raises the dead Starks. When he raises Lyanna Stark he uses a different kind of magic and she rises more like him. She rises now a white walker.

He takes the Walker Lyanna Stark as his queen of winter and sits on the high lord’s chair as the castle frosts and freezes around him.

(end whatever episode that is…)

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 3.40.21 PM

(Savage move by the Night’s King. He knows that Jon Snow is one of his main rivals. So what does he do? He makes Jon his stepson when he raises his mom from the dead.)

Next Episode should start with some notion of a passage of time. At the choke point of the Neck, the army of defenders has built a winter fortress. They have been waiting for an attack that hasn’t come. What has come is cold and starvation. Most of our important cast members gather around to discuss the dire situation. Jon, Dany, and Tyrion for sure but also Brienne, Tormund, etc.

The options are:

  1. Attack. Most people think this is really stupid to attack blindly into an enemy they know little about.
  2. Retreat South toward better provisions. You lose the favorable defensive position
  3. Get more intelligence and continue to wait. Risk running out of food or freezing.
  4. Figure out a way to lure the Night’s King to attack into a trap of their own. (This is the most agreed upon option but how do they pull it off?)

There is one other MAJOR PROBLEM. The Dragons are not doing well in the cold. They appear to be suffering. Dany wants to take the Dragons south to try and heal but they are afraid to remain undefended by Dragons. Tyrion and Samwell begin to dig back into the dragon scrolls to try and find an answer, but Mellisandre has just arrived and says there is no need.

The Red Woman has come to the Neck from White Harbor. She has joined the defenders. The Red Woman tells Dany to remember what she knows about Dragons. She asks Daenerys “What are Dragons?” Daenerys remembers and answers “Dragons are fire made flesh”

A giant bonfire is made specifically for the dragons and they begin to heal under the warmth. The Red Woman tells Dany she has a gift in the fight against the Night’s King. It’s a box with three large rubies in it, similar to the magic ruby she wears around her neck.

The Rubies will protect the dragons from the cold and makes their fires burn hotter. They just need to wear them around their necks.

OMG, I finally have something for Gendry to do! He’s making dragon necklaces!

Maybe dragons rocking ruby chains is a bit odd but it is still 100x better than what this show gave me, and I feel like this shit is making way more logical sense.

The Ruby Necklaces are like crack for these Dragons they are now operating at 110%

Mellisandre advises Jon, Dany, and Tyrion that fire is the mortal enemy of ice. Start a big enough fire and the Night’s King will come out to extinguish it. They like this idea….the are Targaryen’s after all.

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 3.36.43 PM
You ever see a lizard in a blizzard? Get me a damn jacket!

Part 5 coming at ya soon. Stay Tuned.

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