A Better Ending to HBO’s Game of Thrones. Part 5.

Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback I’ve been getting on these. I will admit it’s been much more fun trying to reshape this mess than it was watching the actual show for me. It is an assignment you can’t get wrong because no matter what I come up with, it’s going to be better than what we got from HBO.

I’m not even saying my ideas are great, they just make a lot more logical sense than the dog shit HBO fed us. I’m really just taking the plot the show gave us and moving logically from where the story was pointing before it unraveled completely.

Shout out to Brooke, who sent me a bunch of #GotMemes. I’d like to post a relevant one here:

The people didn’t forget. You were turning babies into White Walkers, dude. You made it a big deal one episode and we never saw anything about it ever again.

Cut to The Frozen Throne: This is what I’m calling the Night King’s throne at Winterfell.

The human children held captives by the White Walkers are gathered and presented before the Night’s King. They are shivering.

It’s revealed little Lyanna Mormont is among the captives. She is brought before the king and queen.  The Other White Walkers the Night’s King included have a language undiscernable to human ears but The White Walker queen (Lyanna Stark) still has the language of men. She asks the child her name. You were named after me, the queen tells Lady Mormont. She tells him this man is our King now. (gesturing towards the Night’s King.) 

Lady Mormont reiterates her words from Earlier “I know no King, but the King in the North whose name is Stark” She pulls a dragon glass dagger and rushes at the king. As she closes in the Queen catches her and wrenches away the blade. “Foolish girl.” she says, “I am a Stark.”  Then she brushes away black ice and grime from her King’s frozen breastplate a Black Direwolf Sigil is revealed on his chest.

“And so is the King.”

So the lore of the White Walkers as far as the show goes is that the Children of the Forrest created them from men to fight men? It’s pretty stupid and they are not portrayed that way in the books. In fact as far as the books go the White Walker’s and the “Night King” are still very unknown. The Night’s King is just one of old nan’s tales. So if I’m going to follow that the Walkers were created from men, what if the patient zero the Children of the Forest used was a Stark? A Stark from 5,000 years ago or whatever.

Oh and then Lyanna Mormont is turned into a white walker child by the Night’s King and basically adopted by him as his daughter and princess of winter. Sorry, everyone who loved her, she’s demon spawn now. But guess what she’s a side character who didn’t appear till well into the show. It’s cool to have her made bad. Making Daenerys into the “Mad Queen” with the flip of a switch is heinous: she’s the main character.

In fact, the Night’s King is gonna turn all the captive children into white walkers. That’s what you get for not keeping up with your parents.

Now we cut back to the three-headed dragon of Jon, Dany, and Tyrion. They are descending on Winterfell from Dragonback but they do not attack directly. They circle the castle from a great distance. Then they unleash the flames.

They build a giant burning ring of fire spanning miles around Winterfell. They circle round and round spitting flame.

Then each flies dragon to a different section of the ring of fire. They begin to fan the flames with their wings.

At Winterfell, you see some of the ice that has frosted around the castle begin to thaw.

The Night’s King sees the thaw as well and a look of anger and rage flashes across his face. One of his Walker-Brother comes in to give a warning but the King is already preparing a counter attack. Except the attackers are gone, it was a hit and run attack. His giant Ice Spider has come out of its lair and is going crazy trying to spit frozen webs to put out the fire.

You can see in Night’s Kings’ Eye that this aggression will not stand, man.

You made him a whiney emo bitch.

Hey A-Train what about Jamie Lannister?

I didn’t forget about the precious King Slayer.

In Part 1 of the rewrite, you will recall Cersei uses diplomacy to get out of trouble. In truth, she bore her soul to the queen. She told Dany how she was in love with Rhaegar. How she wanted to marry him. Well, Jamie hears this. He’s heartbroken to learn his sister loved someone else. While he’s grateful for Dany’s pardon, he also knows that Cersei was telling the truth about her love for Rhaegar. He leaves King’s Landing but we as the audience don’t know exactly where he is yet….

Part 6….. tomorrow if I have time. Thanks again for reading and for all the feedback.

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