Category: The Caboose

Gobble, Gobble Get Down

Stand clear of the closing doors, Rail Riders! It’s Saturday, and ya boy PBM has some thumpers to get you past the Thanksgiving leftovers that are weighing you down. Get the fuck off your feet, throw your hands in the sky, and let the Hip Hop burn some mafuckin’ calories. If ya can’t do that, ...

Prone Bone Dome Episode 8

Today’s ep includes: NFL Power Hierarchy NBA Mike Stanton NHL / Mizzou Hoops Quick Hits

Friday Skeletal Shakers featuring Irv Da Phenom

STAND CLEAR OF THE MAFUCKIN’ CLOSIN’ DOORS, FAMILY! The juice is loose in the caboose and PBM is steam rollin’ through all you clown shoes! It’s cold as shit in STL. The weather has turned. Winter has cum. I have cum. Yet, I digress. It’s Friday, and today we shake skeletons. Ya boy PBM has ...

Prone Bone Dome Episode 7

We run the two man, one woman weave with PBM, ATrain, and our new news girl Katie.

Tuesday Tidal Wave Thumps

The train is being powered by steam and the bass is knockin’ and/or jumpin’ like the Salmon of Capistrano, family! One more day in STL with our boy ATrain before he hops on the big jetliner in the sky back to Seattle. Today we’re finalizing our reformatting and recording a couple eps of the “Prone ...

The Hoodies just put new rap ON NOTICE.

That is THAT SHIT, RIGHT THERE! PBM will be back with y’all Monday. Doing pussies, boys. Just doing pussies.

Friday Skeletal Shakers – HBD, Punisher

Big Punisher would be 46 today if not for the Cuban sandwiches, stair cases, and mobile seats that move. RIP to the monster that was Big Pun. Verbal arsenal that rivaled all – might not be a better MC who maintains technique with his speed changes. Some of my all time favorite verses. Obviously, this ...