Category: The Caboose

Prone Bone Dome Episode 5

Quick hits on the NFL and NHL, but ya boy PBM is here to talk NBA. Ride them rails all weekend long, family.  

Fast Lane Friday Skeletal Shakers

Clickety clack the rail riders attack fast! That’s the sound of the PBM Caboose rolling into the station, kiddos. Coming at you live and direct on Friday morning in a global warming filled world with ya girl slurping my wisdom pearls! Goddamn it, it feels good to be alive! Without further adieu, here’s the ish ...

Prone Bone Dome Episode 4

The fourth episode of the Prone Bone Dome is up for your listening pleasure, rail riders. Today’s ep discusses: NFL Picks via PBM’s Pick 5 Pool World Series Recap Chopped Up Neva Slopped HTown

Tuesday Tidal Wave Thumps featuring The Underachievers

Holler at ya boy if you ready to make noise, rail riders! We’re in the caboose, we’re doin’ pussies, and it is all gravy train + biscuit wheels in the Prone Bone Dome. PBM had a rough morning, I can’t lie to ya. People were firing me up in the wrong way. My WiFi was ...

Prone Bone Dome Episode 3

Got some Hip Hop art hung in the actual Prone Bone Dome today, family. Figured I’d tell y’all what’s up with the current state of the game.  

Friday Skeletal Shakers

Chugga, chugga, chugga….chugga, chugga, chugga…chugga, chugga, chugga…CHOO CHOO! The Prone Bone Malone caboose is loose on Friday early afternoon to hit you with a typhoon of Hip Hop that would sink a yacht or a pontoon! These skeletal shakers are shown to you by Skeletor who is letting the ladies know that pussies get done ...

Prone Bone Dome Episode 2 – Hi, Bernie

Toot, toot! Flying into Hateland station on the express engine this morning, Rail Riders! Episode two of the Prone Bone Dome is up for your listening pleasure. Lots of Cardinals talk driven by what our least favorite St. Louis sports personality, Bernie Miklasz, had to say on his show this AM. Listen for all the ...