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Throwback Thursday: Magic Eye Posters, and the stupid people who look at them.

There was a lot of stupid shit to permeate American culture in the 90’s. The Magic Eye might take the cake. Children of the new millennium, your parents and grandparents would stare at these nothing posters in the hopes that image would appear.   I have nothing but hate for the Magic Eye Hoax industry. ...


New to Netflix: The Norsemen

Game of Thrones has ended but the NFL is still a little ways away, so what do you watch to fill in that blank space. No, not time with your stupid family, I’m talking about more television. The Norsemen come to the rescue. I’m a sucker for all things set long ago. I’ve seen a ...


Throwback Thursday: Angels in the Outfield vs Color of Night.

I didn’t discover my cusping manhood in the age of the modern internet. I, like many young boys of my generation would go to great lengths to see a woman’s bare breast for even a split second. One surefire way to see a titty was in one of those 1990’s sexy psychological thrillers that don’t ...


Old Coke Zero vs New Coke Zero : Blind Taste Test.

Out with the old, in with the new. Coke has scrapped Coke Zero for well….Coke Zero. Fun fact about A-Train, I’m a HUGE diet soda guy. If I get cancer it will be because I consumed daily enough Phenylalanine to kill laboratory mice. I’ve dabbled in Coke Zero but I’m a Diet Coke guy. I ...

A-Train Story Hour: Goldifox and the 3 Bears.

  Little John Goldifox was lost in the forest. The young lad had been out riding when his surly horse, a bronco named Elway, threw the boy from his saddle, and rode off. The child cursed the horse. Rising, he dusted himself off and tried to regain his bearings. Where was he? The horse had ...

A-Train, All Aboard.

This is the excerpt for your very first post.