Fanucci Friday: Wet the Beak on College Football.

Welcome back to A-Train Corp, the part of the blog that attempts to bet on College Football. What teams are we gonna choo-choo-choose this week?

choo chooo

The Big Games:

Oklahoma -3 @ Oklahoma State: This is as simple as I think OU is gonna win the game and they are getting 3 points. $300 on the Sooners to cover on the road. Boomer.

VaTech @ Miami +2.5: Give me the Hurricanes as a home dog in a night game. People for some reason doubt the Hurricanes, I think that they really show up in this game. I believe in Mark Richt, I say he wins this game vs a really good VT team. $300 on the Canes.


The Lesser Games:

Auburn @ Texas A&M +15: Is it me or does this spread seem a bit high? Kyle Field wants some respect. Those nerds down in College Station get up for early games too. $300 on the Aggies.

Western Kentucky @ Vanderbilt -10: So Lane Kiffen and FAU covered the 6.5 vs WKU last week, now they are at an SEC opponent. I don’t care if it is Vanderbilt, The Commodores have probably been chomping at the bit to play a team with less talent. $300 on the Dores.

I want to bet on the Florida Gators +3.5 @ Mizzou despite the upheaval but for so many reasona that game is a stay away for me.

LSU @ Alabama -21: We usually bet on Saban and Alabama when we feel like there is a little extra incentive. It’s Saban’s former team, a rivalry game, a home night game in primetime, a game all the recruits will be watching, and the newest rankings had Alabama at #2 instead of #1 where they belong. This all adds up to the Tide Rolling over LSU by more than 3 TDs. $300 on Saban.

A note about last week: Last week was an odd one. It started out terrible for us, I think we lost our first 5 bets. Then we rallied and won 5/6 to finish 5/11. We won all our big bets and ended up pretty much breaking even +50 despite the losing record. We are trying quality over quantity this week with less bets for higher wagers. Last week we performed well on the wagers we felt good about, the games that we threw in to fill out the slate all lost. No more throw in games, at least for right now.