ESPN intent on getting all the Milk from the OJ Simpson cow.

Now that I have written that headline, I feel like I missed a real opportunity for a solid juice pun. Oh well maybe I can fit it in later. It’s reflex to hit 173 on the remote, when I pick it up. Those numbers followed by the enter key bring me to ESPN the self ...


The LA Rams have killed Todd Gurley.

They didn’t literally kill him, so Grandma Gurley if you’re reading this, your baby is ok. He just sucks. He sucks because the Rams suck. The Rams suck as an organization. They suck on the field. This isn’t news. But it’s probably only going to get worse. It’s late July, training camp hasn’t started, but ...

A-Train, All Aboard.

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

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