Marrying Modern Hip Hop & The NBA

2019 Hip Hop meets the 2019 NBA Stars.

Defining Greatness: MJ vs. LeBron

This is going to be a different style of piece than you have seen from me in the past. The only way to let anyone who thinks LeBron the NBA’s “GOAT’ cannot be reached via any of usual methods of story telling, and I’m not in the business of doing the same shit over and ...

Throwback Thursday: 20 Years Ago Today Jordan Won his 6th NBA Title with a Performance for the Ages.

I don’t know how anyone who watched Michael Jordan dominate the NBA can make the argument that LeBron is the superior basketball player. Some of the strongest and best evidence of MJ’s greatness occurred 20 years ago today. Damn, I feel old. Jordan was 6-0 in his NBA finals career and even more impressive was ...