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10 Years Ago Today, The Perfect End to a Perfect Game.

This time of year is the sports doldrums, there is very little to get excited about. I mean all we have is Baseball, and Baseball isn’t exactly thrilling. Except for when it is. Ten years ago today was one of those thrilling times. It was when Mark Buehrle pitched the 18th perfect game in MLB ...

Prone Bone Dome Episode 8

Today’s ep includes: NFL Power Hierarchy NBA Mike Stanton NHL / Mizzou Hoops Quick Hits

Prone Bone Dome Episode 2 – Hi, Bernie

Toot, toot! Flying into Hateland station on the express engine this morning, Rail Riders! Episode two of the Prone Bone Dome is up for your listening pleasure. Lots of Cardinals talk driven by what our least favorite St. Louis sports personality, Bernie Miklasz, had to say on his show this AM. Listen for all the ...

Prone Bone Dome – Episode 1

It’s the debut of the Prone Bone Dome, rail riders! Episode 1 includes an interview with my Uncle Dan the Packer Fan and a bit of rant on the state of Cardinals vs. Cubs. Hope you dig it. Tons more to cum.