This Weekend in Football: ATrain Reflects.

What we saw:

Friday Night:

Miami @ Duke. The Hurricanes got us an easy cover and looked good doing it on the road. This a good team. If I had to bet, I say the Hurricanes are the team to beat in the ACC Coastal Division. The Coastal half of the ACC is probably going to come down to VT @ Miami on November 4th. I know that’s getting ahead of myself, but I really do think Miami will play Clemson in the ACC Championship. Hurricanes are @FSU this weekend. It’s going to be a battle, I can’t wait.

Sebastian got his beak wet, did you?

Nebraska @ Illini. The Illini are not a real football team. I should not be wagering on them ever. I’m under fire for picking my parent’s alma mater twice now & losing both times. It is probably time to start fading the Illini, but it’s so hard for me to root against Lovie Smith. I really want to see Lovie succeed in Champain he just needs time.

USC @ Wazzu. We called this one. Many gamblers don’t really realize how far the trip from Southern California to Pullman is. That’s an over 1,100 mile road trip. Anytime a USC or UCLA has a night road contest in the Pacific Northwest vs a decent team, you automatically have to put them on upset alert. Especially if it’s a Thursday or Friday night game when they are on a shorter week. This was exactly what we had on Friday and you saw #5 USC get outplayed by the then #19 Cougs.

2/3 on Friday with our bets.




Florida continues to get us miracle covers, the running back was under instructions to “get down!” after he got the first on 4th & 1, but did he? Fuck no, this HERO named Malik Davis takes that bitch to the HOUSE to get us a cover. Thanks Malik Davis.

Clem Cheer
I’m sure there is a reason for this picture.


Thanks to my friend who swayed me back to betting on Clemson and not against them. It was the right move, Clemson is a moneymaker.

Georgia @ Tennessee, this felt like easy money because Tennessee is just not that good, and Georgia is really good.


Ole Miss @ Bama, I said Nick Saban would run up the score, boy was I right. They easily covered the over by themselves. Saban holds grudges it is known.


By a half point we lost South Carolina @ TAMU, ugh fuck nothing we could do. Both these teams we should not ever bet on again.

Cal @ Oregon, we get every game involving the Ducks wrong. We need to stop betting their games too.

Worst Take: Ohio State crushed Rutgers.

4/7 on Saturday. 6/10 total. +300 dollars for the week. Decent bounce back.


Rams @ Dallas: I do not understand why Jason Garrett doesn’t take more heat for his coaching. Dallas would be a scary team with a good play caller, but Garrett throws the ball way too much. It’s like he doesn’t understand his teams strength, Run the ball keep your defense off the field. I’m upset about Todd Gurley, the worst take on this site was my very first take about Todd Gurley. He is a fantasy stud and he lit me up.

Panthers @ Patriots: It’s amazing how good the Patriots Offense is and how bad the defense is. Everybody moves the ball on New England. They feel like they are a trade waiting to happen. Something has to be done to improve that D.