Tuesday Tidal Wave Thumps featuring The Underachievers

Holler at ya boy if you ready to make noise, rail riders! We’re in the caboose, we’re doin’ pussies, and it is all gravy train + biscuit wheels in the Prone Bone Dome. PBM had a rough morning, I can’t lie to ya. People were firing me up in the wrong way. My WiFi was down. I had no television. My clients for my paid work were being millennial as mothafuckin’ hell! But it’s all good. We’re chilling now, and the tidal wave thumps are coming to you courtesy of some young thundacats who bring that heat on inferno megaton! I give you the Underachievers, family. Comprised of two dudes – AKTHESAVIOR & Issa Gold, these BK born dudes destructively make dope tunes. Enjoy.

“Play Your Part”

This style is new school, but they don’t sacrifice lyrical content. This track is soulful as fuck, and they find a way to reach me through some new vernacular and rhyme schemes that would be frowned upon by most boom bap heads. Make no mistake about it – this is evolved boom bap. Love these kids.


This is far more young folks driven than the first joint – you can hear the trap influence right from the beginning. But they don’t fall pray to the easy way out. Both members go bananas on the beat spitting some real deal lyrical flames. This shit goes IN. Shake the cement hard.

“Play That Way”

This is one of their more popular joints and deservedly so. It’s just tough, man. These kids blur the line behind the classical art of Hip Hop and trap ridiculousness. They make it work.

“Star Signs”

They’re ish doesn’t sound the same. That is so fucking important, fam. I don’t need to be bored to death by my music. Ever. These dudes keep it so damn fresh – and when they decide to let it rip, it’s gnarly. The 1:25 mark song of this track is a lyrical clinic. Pay attention.

“Still Shining”

Saved the best for last. Probably my favorite joint of young AK and Issa. Johnny Blaze would nod in approval. I’m out, rail riders.

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